"The better the questions - the better are your solutions."

Focus Coaching

The situation:

Sustainable success as a leader requires a constant reflection on your own positioning in changing environments for your personal development and sustainable success.

Your way forward:

As a coach I am well trained to ask challenging questions and to deploy "out of the box" thinking in order to provide you with different perspectives out of the ordinary as "food for thought" enabling you to find better solutions for your topics and challenges.

Typical topics in Focus Coaching:

  •   Effective Self-management in my role
  •   Delegation
  •   Optimization of my personal communication
  •   From the managerial role and a more tactical approach to become an inspiring leader with strategy and vision
  •   Developing a strong team in transition
  •   Networking - Stakeholder Management
  •   Political Savvyness / Diplomacy / Empathy
  •   Authentic Personal Branding
  •   Executive Presence

Your benefit and added value:

As a result of your reflection on your specific topics crafting concrete, measureable action plans with defined steps and success factors are part of your personal focus coaching.

These steps are useful to find out for yourself what you need to learn, which behaviour you can rely on and strenghten as well as of which behaviour you need to let go of to reach your personally defined goals in order to remain successful or even to become more successful.

"Focus Coaching - focusing on essentials - your influence and measureable success."

"Presentation Coaching / Executive Presence / Authentic Personal Branding"

The situation:

You want to improve your individual communication skills and competencies in order to expand your personal influencing skills to easier reach your goals on all levels?

Executive Presence and Authentic Personal Branding Coaching incorporates all facets of your communication potential.

It is about the way how to present yourself and your ideas best to the world in any situation and setting.

Much more than just "Presentation Coaching". It is about your personal, unmistakable and unique "Executive Code".

Facts and background:

  •   Executives communicate about 80% of their working hours.
  •   To convince and to influence people towards your vision and direction is an essential part of any leadership role.
  •   A targeted personal communication is one of the key success factors in leadership.
  •   In a targeted communication the messages are formulated very clearly, yet they also address the communication partners very elegantly in their motives and own goals.
  •   However, as an Executive you very rarely receive an honest and differentiated feedback about your communication style and effectiveness.

In fact:

  •   The higher someone climbs up the corporate ladder, the more likely it is that he does not often receive honest feedback.
  •   By the way: It does not matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert personality.
  •   Knowing that effect it seems logical to be aware of it and to regularly check your own communication skills and effectiveness professionally to improve your impact.

According to your personal capabilities and goals these are the key topics regarding one area of your Executive Presence - Presentation - to address:

Your content and planning - your preparation:

  •   Structure
  •   Red threat
  •   Story telling
  •   Best use of media
  •   Powerful Pauses
  •   Stiff speech, etc.

Your body and your body language:

  •   How can I deal with my stage fright?
  •   How can I calm myself and look sovereign?
  •   Securing my space
  •   Facial expressions
  •   Gestures, clothes, etc.

Your voice:

  •   Breathing right
  •   How can I make the best use of my voice?
  •   Modulation,pauses and intonation, etc.

On stage - your first impression counts:

  •   Big and small audiences
  •   Connect with the people
  •   Inspire and motivate
  •   Influencing in a positive way

Q and A Sessions - your freestyle wins:

  •   How to receive questions best?
  •   How to be quick witted?
  •   How to return on inappropriate questions?

Closing - your last impression stays:

How can I leave a good feeling with at least one powerful message for everyone in the room?

"Your Executive Code - your best communication for your best results."